Technology and Support

Literacy Bridge Ghana technology empowers the world’s most vulnerable communities to access knowledge they can use to improve their health, income, education and quality of life.

Talking Book programs are being used to support a range of Sustainable Development Goals, rural and remote villages and communities where there’s no electricity, bad road network access, community radio stations and television broadcast.

Talking Books are listened to through a household rotation model, used as an extension tool by community outreach agents, and shared by established groups like village savings and loan associations (Susu Groups).

Literacy Bridge Ghana expertized includes health content production, agriculture content production, social and behavior change communications content production in a form of Drama, songs, interview and peer and influencer endorsements to support community learning and program goals.

We collaborate with theater groups, musicians, social leaders, community members and others to create engaging, educational content including songs, dramas, interviews, and peer endorsements.

Our unique technology has allowed the Talking Book to collect usage statistics and user feedback, which helps partners evaluate user engagement, identify barriers to program goals, and gain greater insight into the communities they serve. 

Qualitative and quantitative data is automatically sent to a cloud-based analytics dashboard which shows the performance of each message, the number of times and hours listeners has listen to each message. User feedback are recorded into the talking book and we respond to the user feedback, listeners gets their feedback in a short possible time. 

We provide performance analytics to help partners monitor and evaluate programs, identify actionable insights, and update and improve Talking Book content to address community social and behavior needs.


 Literacy Bridge Ghana provides 24/7 support to make the Talking Book function wherever it’s been used. Some of the tech support includes:

  • Audio content planning and production
  • Loading Talking Books with new content/messages
  • Procuring and distribution of batteries
  • Replacing of damage parts of the Talking Book
  • Training partner organization and users on how to use the Talking Book
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Research and Learning support
  • Facilitation and field implementation
  • Remote technology support
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