Talking Book Success Stories


Ghana’s Best Farmers in 2014 are Talking Book Users


Jirapa District, Upper West Region


Best Female Promising Farmer-Abina Peter

Best Livestock Farmer-Ali Imoro

“After listening to the messages on rearing livestock and applying them, I realized they are helpful. I have been a farmer who reared livestock some years ago but after listening to messages from the Talking Book and applying the knowledge, I saw a difference between this year and the other years. The Talking Book really helped me win this award.”


“After listening to the Talking Book, I decided to sow my crops in lines including my maize and the agriculture officers said this was a good practice. I will always listen to the Talking Book any time I get to my house because the messages are helpful.”


The Talking Book device is a simple, durable, portable audio computer built to endure rough play, dust and rain storms. We are proud to report that 11 winners over the last three years have been Talking Book users!


Best Groundnut Farmer-Nanglatuo Kaatigre

“The methods that our parents were using and those from the Talking Book are far different and I have taken your method of farming more serious than what my fathers were using. I can see that the messages you gave are different from our parents’ own that is why I have used this new method from the Talking Book to farm my groundnuts and I have gotten a lot. Now my name is mentioned here as best farmer.”

Ghana’s Best Farmers in 2014 are Talking Book Users

Jirapa District, Upper West Region



Best Cow Pea Farmer-Adjoa Santo

Best Guinea Corn Farmer-Siekanye Dery

“I benefited a lot from the Talking Book because before the Talking Book, I didn’t know better methods to use in my cow pea cultivation, but the Talking Book taught me good agricultural practices and I used them to cultivate my cow peas. I have more produce this year.”

“I would not have won this prize without the Talking Book because I would have been using my old outmoded traditional methods. I would have been using mounds and wouldn’t have known that I should see the agriculture extension agents if I face any problem. The device advised that I should go to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture with any problem I face. This was what I did and won this prize.”





Best Millet Famer-Tengan Thomas

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“The Talking Book has been educating us on good agriculture practices and how to make our own fertilizer called compost. I also learned how to keep my children healthy and the month to immunize or vaccinate my poultry.”

2015 Farmers Awards


Our farmers win crop specific awards every year, in the last four years, 11 award winners have been Talking Book users.

Best Soybean farmer in all of Ghana (~5-10 million farmers)

Jirapa District’s best OVERALL male and female farmers went to Talking Book users

Eight out of eight best Soybean farmers went to Talking Book users

Key Statistics for One Project

  • Reaching 40,000 people with 23 hours of content over the course of one year
  • Every month over one million minutes of lifesaving content is played and listened to on the Talking Book
  • Families listen to Talking Book messages for six hours in one week.
  • Users typically repeat messages four times each, most popular messages played are songs and dramas


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