Literacy Bridge Ghana

Literacy Bridge Ghana is a non-profit organization registered in Ghana with the Registrar’s General Department and Department of Social Welfare.

Literacy Bridge Ghana (LBG) provides a range technology training and program services, including audio content design and production, to make knowledge and skills available to the most underserved people in the poorest communities. LBG has been operating in Ghana since 2007 and has partnered on Talking Book training, services, and programs for AGRA, CARE International, MEDA, and UNICEF in Northern and Upper West regions in Ghana.

The primary areas for these programs include health, child protection, agriculture and food security, market linkages, gender equality, and social cohesion.

An award winning organization receiving acknowledgement from President Clinton through the Clinton Global Initiative and from Bill & Melinda Gates through the Microsoft Alumni Foundation, Literacy Bridge Ghana works with organizations to make their knowledge available to people in the most resource-deprived communities, leading to improved understanding and behavior change. Our solution is based on our unique technology and program methodology.


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