About LBG

Literacy Bridge Ghana (LBG) works with organizations to make knowledge and skills available to the most underserved people in the poorest communities in such a way that leads to understanding and behavior change. Our solution is based on our unique technology and our program methodology. LBG has been operating in Ghana since 2007 and has worked closely with health, agriculture, education, department of community development, social welfare, gender desks and environmental hygiene officials at the district and regional levels. LBG is registered with the Registrar General’s Department of Ghana No: G 35,488 and the Department of Social Welfare No: 5221 to operate as a non-profit organization in Ghana. 

Our past and current partners include UNICEF Ghana, Mennonite Economic Development Association (MEDA), Care International, TUDRIDEP/AGRA, VSO, World Cocoa Foundation, Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) regional and district offices, Ghana Health Service, Birth and Death registry, etc.

Our past and current project broadcast languages in Ghana include Dagaare, Sissali (Lambussie, Tumu and Funsi dialects) and Brifor in the Upper West Region. Dagbani in the Northern Region, Kusaal, Moar, Kassem and Mampruli in the Upper East Region. Twi in Southern Ghana and French.

Our Vision: accessible knowledge for all

Our Mission: Our mission is to significantly improve the health, income and quality of life for the world’s most underserved communities by providing life-changing knowledge through innovative technology.

What we do

We make access to knowledge and information through technology in the very best it can be for rural communities across Ghana.

Why we do it

We want to see the hard work of rural smallholders and their families lead to prosperity and food security, climate change, gender, improved health for themselves, their communities, and their countries. And we know that technology has a vital role to play in making this a reality.

Where we work

We work across Ghana to promote Sustainable Agriculture, Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience, Child and Maternal Health, Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH), Education, Child Protection, Gender and Women Empower, Rural Livelihood Improvement, Nutrition, Financial Literacy, Community Saving and Loan Association (CSLAs).

Literacy Bridge Ghana does not simply provide knowledge and information. We work in partnership with stakeholders, duty bearers, target groups and communities and with our partners to change social and behavioral norms in deeply rooted cultures that are sometimes harmful, social and cultural traditions, low or no literacy and high poverty, poor health systems and a high disease burden. We are not only concern with incremental change. We work to ensure that knowledge and information is accessible for all.

Our core values

Innovation: LBG is not partial to one communication method. We use what our long history of experiences tells us will work best with the people we need to reach the most. Staying on top of social trends, good community entry and an improved technology helps us provide timely, appropriate and meaningful knowledge and information to our audience.

Creativity: Literacy Bridge Ghana designs behavior change messages that empower our audience and characters that are memorable, using a blend of approaches including expert interviews, serial and mini dramas, local songs, influential and opinion leader endorsements, etc. to educate and inspire behavior change. Literacy Bridge Ghana often challenges the status quo with humor, emotion, drama and persuasion in our messaging.

Leadership: We are the pioneers in the field of social behavior change communication across broad sectors in Ghana.

Expertise: Literacy Bridge Ghana staff have fair knowledge about community development, behavior change communication design, implementation, research, monitoring and evaluation.

Impact: Literacy Bridge Ghana work improves health, agriculture production, social change, community development and saves lives.

Transparency and Accountability: We are transparent and accountable to our partners and communities. We ensure that they is value for money for every Ghana cedis invested in our work.

Districts and Regions

Upper West Region:

  1. Jirapa Municipal 4.  Sissali West             7. Nandom                                      
  2. Lambussie/Karni 5. Wa West                   8. Nadowli/Kaleo
  3. Sissali East          6. Wa East                  9. Daffiama/Busie/Issah

Northern Region

Worked in the following districts:

  1. Tolon 2. Karaga

Upper East Region

We work in:

  1. Garu
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Notice to our Existing and Potential Partners in Ghana

Ghana (LBG) in line with its new country strategy 2020-2022 has rebranded as Amplio Ghana as at 28th August 2020.

Under this name change, we are carrying out some structural changes including the migration of our current website to Amplio Global website where the Ghana Office will have a designated page on its activities.

We will like to assure all our cherished partners as well as potential ones that our decision to rebrand will not affect our current partnerships in any way but will rather enhance the effective delivery of our mission in Ghana.

When the website migration process has been completed, partners visiting this site will be re-directed to the new website.