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Hamdiya Imoro, is a 30 year old woman who lives in Tuyini, a community in the Karaga district of Northern Region. She is a mother of four (4) and a second wife to the husband. Tuyini is a farming community, located about 9 miles (14.4kms) from Karaga, the capital town of the Karaga District.

Antenatal Care (ANC) is something many rural women do not take seriously even though they have been engaged on this repeatedly through various interventions. Hamdiya was not an exception. A typical local woman, particularly among the Dagomba communities feel it’s a sign of weakness or unfaithfulness to the husband if a woman is not able to deliver a baby at home. It is shame for a woman who frequents the hospital for antenatal care.

Hamdiya’s first and second children were born at the traditional home with the support of a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA). There were complications when she was in the process of giving birth to the third child at home; as a result, she was rushed to the hospital for safe delivery. If that had not happened, Hamdiya would have most likely delivered her third child at home.

Engaging with Hamdiya, she said, “After attending a meeting organized by the community agent (Afa Ali), where he introduced us to the Talking Book (TB) and I started listening, the message that caught my attention was the need for pregnant women to visit the hospital for antenatal care services. By then I was pregnant again”.

Visiting the hospital for antenatal care was not taken seriously by Hamdiya in the past. She noted that she used to attend antenatal care but was not on regular basis. After listening to the message on antenatal care, she got serious with visitations for antenatal care. “…I started visiting the health center for antenatal care. After sometime, they referred me to the hospital at Karaga after it was detected that my condition was critical. They said I could not do normal delivery because my baby was very big”

At the hospital, Hamdiya went through several tests and scans. The results indicated that her due date had elapsed.

“They claimed my baby was in critical situation, but I did not believe because I was not feeling any pains or disturbances. I however still obeyed anything they said I should do since the Talking Book advised us to follow the instructions of the health professionals”– Says Hamdiya.

According to Hamdiya, after some time, the child was finally delivered, but was in comma for about two hours. The doctors managed him until he gained consciousness. “If my child was born at home, he would have been pronounced dead and buried alive. I say thank you and God bless the doctors and nurses for working to save my baby”.

When we asked Hamdiya what she wants her child to grow to be, she indicated that she wants him to grow to become a medical doctor, so that he can save lives of innocent babies just as he

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